Looking for the Right Real Estate Agent

how to pick a realtor

Some of the most crucial ingredients in the successful sale of your home are found in the relationship between you, and your real estate agent. The relationship is a mutually beneficial one where everyone is like a “eagle” looking forward and ahead, and educating each other on the process as it progresses. Everyone involved deserves to culminate in a successful sale, and establishing this relationship means setting certain ground rules and guidelines to bring about the mutual best interests of the parties involved. Sound planning and a sincere desire to work in everyone’s best interest is the foundation of a successful partnership with a real estate agent

A successful sale means setting standards of care for both the buyer and the seller that are not an hindrance to, or an influence on, the final transaction. The seller has a strong incentive to work with an agent who demonstrates professionalism and knowledge of the local market, and who takes the listing and selling of her home seriously as well as proceeds with a level of integrity to her transaction that creates an un viewpoints or beliefs that may not serve your best interests. The buyer’s agent has an even stronger incentive to be diligent, to seek out the best value at the best price, because the fee that he pays for the services provided weighs heavily in the final sale price of the home.

In a nutshell, take the relationship between you and your real estate agent as a good solid gold, and build on that foundation. For instance:

1. A genuine interest in your home and surrounding community and neighborhood

2. Read and understand your broker’s agency disclosure

3. unwillingness to let your listing agent wander off the beaten path and into the unfamiliar territory

4. realize that the listing agent is your calling tool and has your best interests at heart

5. be willing and able to sacrifice a bit of personal time to find qualified buyers for your listing

6. be willing to take your time and be patient with the agent’s many work-related matters

7. Remember that even if a buyer does fall through during the back-to-back closing process, letting the sale fall apart simply leads to a lot of anxiety for both the buyer and the seller. It is a ready-made emotional moment that is likely to be broken by a simple decision not to proceed. The emotional turmoil of a sale that was in danger of being broken can be excruciating and very expensive for all parties to endure through. Does it make absolute sense to risk these emotions by playing by the rules, waiting for the right buyer, and then slice up the deal, cutting off a potential sale with a broken heart? I would say “No.” Not if you are trying to conduct a successful transaction that will lead to the successful sale of your home. When you set these fundamentals, team attitude, and follow up, your home sale will be a pleasant and sometimes highly rewarding experience. Remember that the other side of your coin means laying out the foundation for a profitable and positive marriage, and setting guidelines for a successful sale.

Selling your home (or other properties) is a continual learning experience. You will not always get it right the first time out. Most of the time you will “winner-correct.” You will not always see eye-to-eye with your real estate agent. But even if you have set your expectations incorrectly in the beginning, the relationship between you and your agent is a trusting and fruitful partnership that will continue to grow the skills and knowledge your combined real estate experience requires.

Setting ground rules is necessary for a successful sale. When the sale is underway but not yet finalized, you should . . .

1. Explain why you are selling. Be specific about what your motivation is. Is it personal, business related, I need money fast, etc.?

2. Explain the advantages of the real estate transaction and/or your classic car appraisal. Are you motivated because you believe the home is an important asset or are you motivated because you want to establish or reestablish a good conveyance? Are you motivated because you need to establish or reestablish a good management record for the property?

3. Explain the employment situation. This is one of the most Js Matters discussed, and most people do not talk about it. When you and your employing agent meet, do you listen to and understand his explanation, or do you interrupt him to counter all his points? If you are confident the employment direction of you current employer is satisfactory, spell it out, be specific and clear about it.

Each time your agent brings up questions, be a sponge to understand and digest his comments. Do not avoid answers or Statements for “it doesn’t matter,” “you should feel,” “you are free to leave now,” “we should close quickly,” or any of a dozen other possible messages you may hear.