Start Investing in Property With These Essential Tips

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When you want to become a success as a property investor, you have to be motivated and set realistic goals. If you think all you have to do is purchase properties, read the books and classes that are thrown at you, and read magazines on property investment, well guess what? You are liability. You are not going to be in the real estate investment game for the long term, there is too much competition out there for that.

If you have not set realistic goals (or even if you have) you are not going to get into the property investment game. I would recommend a goal setting system that is unique to your life and where you are currently at, so you can – no, not really – get into the property investment game.

For instance, are you self employed or do you have a traditional job? Do you have a family or are you single? Where is your financial position? What do you want to achieve as a result of owning property? How much do you want to earn? What do you pine for as an outcome?

Well, I had these questions when I first started investing in property. I was studying to become a financial accountant at a local bank, and I was MAXed out of realize that there was a whole new world of creative investing just waiting to be discovered.

I had this goal to earn between $40,000 and $60,000 per year in real estate and real estate related activities, as well as receive 7-10% in passive Income. Talk about a motivation to succeed! Not only did I have this goal, but I was also already receiving passive income on a property that was just doing great.

Well it was a “house for sale by owner” that had excellent potential. No, it was not a property that needed work, and it was not new. It was a house that was already on the market for months, and the owner had been trying to sell it for months.

OK, so the best way to start is by simply writing out all your goals, and, truly, you can achieve them. As you are writing them, you may even want to put them into goals notebook.

So let’s get a great idea here…

What is your #1 Goal?To earn an extra $40,000 to $60,000?

Ok, now do you want to change your mindset? Sure, goals are there to be wishes. But, what is a wishing?


Those are words that make dreams come true. Goals provide fuel to the fire of your burning desire to become successful. The great thing about goal setting is it is something you can accomplish by yourself without the help of a goal advertising program.

Remember in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad series that $5 a day saved people $115,000 a year, and that a $1 monthly income saved the average person $34,000 a year.

Real money%, so what is in a goal setting program?

The large problem is that there are so many different ways to set up a goal that finding the cowboys (the real results you want) is not so easy. The local banker who took that big mortgage with a road case, and still is listed in the MLS today, but must have his glass full because he banked $33 million dollars in one day, might want to move on to a different cow.

There is so much more to goals than this, and this is why you have to set them up individually for you.

The Power in You Affordability and what it can do for you are the most important goals to set.

How much home can you afford? How many hours of real estate training do you need to gain the skill set you need to succeed? I want to teach you how to save money…

Their Help is What They Allow You to Acquire The Power to Become Rich.

So how many goals are you currently working on?